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Yoon DuJun 윤두준 (Yoon Leader)
DOB: 4th July 1989

Leader and dad of B2ST. Admirable leadership skills. Indisputable right to hit the boys freely, specially when he laughs. Charismatic to no end. Always attentive. Football player.

Jang HyunSeung 장현승 (Prince Jang/Peace Man)
DOB: 3rd…

story of our lives
story of our lives


"f(x) will discontinue Red Light promotions"

"Sulli is taking a break from the entertainment industry"


So we all heard about what's happening with Legend of Korra, right?


Legend of Korra has a main protagonist that is a women and a women of color at that, and lets face it there aren’t many of those. Recently though, lok has been going to only digital, meaning episodes will only be viewed online; personally the joy that comes from watching the episodes online is…

Dooseob mario brothers making fun of junhyung @ fansign


14/07/24 Daejeon fansign / cr: Oh, My Ran! / do not edit /

broomie / do not edit.
broomie / do not edit.

go anon and say whatever you’d like to me.

Artist: bts and alicia keys
Album: bts and alicia keys amazing
Title: girl in luv
Plays: 6492
Title: taehyung has a convo with coolio
Plays: 11706


since f(x) suddenly canceled all of their plans for the month…. i guess you could say that they… put a ‘red light’ on their promotions